An englishman in our school

  On Wednesday, October 1st I went to a meeting with Charles Stanford. He comes from Britain but now he lives in Poland. He is a farmer and lives with his family in a village called Stawki. He has two children, some sheep, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a wife.

We asked him many questions. He told us about his life in England and in Poland. He misses England and the small town with a cathedral where he lived but not the English weather.

He likes Poland very much, especially Polish architecture, food, people and culture. His favourite food is pierogi.

Charles told us about his life when he was a schoolboy. He was lazy. His favourite school subjects were Art, Geography and History.

Now he is interested in sport and music. He likes classical music and rock and roll. He likes dancing the Tango, too. His favourite sport is football. He loves David Beckham and he likes climbing too.

I think the meeting was very interesting. We could speak English with a native speaker. I would like to meet him again.


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(82) 572-11-38

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